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There's a better and more joyful way to live and love - it's waiting for you to claim it - and I'm here to guide you through one of the most important personal development work you will ever do.


When it comes to your relationship, it's time to choose a life of clarity, confidence, and freedom.

A Spiritual Solution to Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse.png

6-MONTH COACHING PROGRAM - Total Investment $7,997

Overview and Details

I work exclusively one-on-one with people for the sole purpose of addressing your own unique circumstances and needs and to help you lay down a solid foundation for your personal healing journey.

Our 6-month of working together are vital for you to fully absorb the information, tools, and coaching you’ll receive and will need to break the habitual thinking patterns and behaviors of codependency and narcissistic abuse that you've been struggling with for years.

​I provide you with the time and a safe space to experience a radical shift in how other people relate to you and more importantly, how to love and respect yourself in a way you never have before.  Having the opportunity to talk to someone where there is no risk of violence or abuse allows the nervous system to regulate - sometimes for the first time. Creating this space for you is vital and non-negotiable because this is where true healing takes place.  This is what I am committed to providing for you. The transformation you will experience is light years away from what any book or workshop can offer.


You are going to finally open the doors to the love and respect you deserve and a whole new life of attracting people who are loving, nurturing, and respectful. 


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