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Free Webinar 
Healing the Father Wound

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Time:  Saturday, July 1st, 2023
 10:00 AM PST

If you can't attend LIVE,  please sign-up anyway - this webinar will be recorded.

Father's Day is a special day when we get to celebrate, honor, and express our love and appreciation for our fathers.


Unfortunately, for many of us, this is not the case. Instead, Father's Day serves as a painful reminder of the father we never had.

Whether you were abandoned, abused, or neglected by your father, the message you received was the same-You were not worthy of his love. 

Our fathers are our first loves. When we are told from the very beginning, either through actions or words, that we are not good enough to be loved, it impacts all areas of our lives, from our relations to how we show up in the world. 

The father wound runs deep. I know because this was me before I did the work necessary to heal mine.

In this webinar, I'm going to share with you my own personal journey of living as a fatherless daughter, how his abandonment had a profound negative impact on my life, self-esteem, and future relationships, and more importantly, how I have come to see my father's rejection as having a greater purpose in my life -  one that has led me to find the path to forgiveness, compassion, and self-love.  

If you're a woman who grew up fatherless 

If you lived with a father who didn't express his love for you 

If you always felt there was something wrong or unloveable about you

If you experienced abandonment, rejection, or abuse

If you never felt as if you were Daddy's special little girl

Then I want you to know there is a way to recover and heal - you are not alone.  Please join me for this special intimate sharing. 


With love and appreciation, Del



This FREE Webinar is for you if you are someone who wants to: 

  • Attract a new romantic relationship that's based on true love and respect

  • Improve the relationship you are currently in. 

  • Stop attracting dysfunctional relationships - such as codependency or narcissistic abuse.

  • Improve the quality of your relationships with friends, family, or boss.

I'm going to share with you my own painful journey and how I managed to free myself and go on to attract the love and respect I'd always dreamed of in all of my relationships.


Please join me for this important webinar, with love, Del.

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